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Adolescent Girls: Empowering Mental Health And Building Resilience

Mental health has always been a sensitive and often taboo topic in society. However, with the growing awareness and increased emphasis on mental health, we are now seeing people opening up about their struggles and the need for support and proper care. The adolescent years are known to be a period of turbulence, growth, and change, especially for girls. It is essential to prioritize their mental health needs to support their overall well-being.  Evelyn Llewellyn dives into ways we can empower adolescent girls to build their resilience and mental well-being.

Create A Safe And Supportive Environment

As caregivers, educators, or parents, we must create a safe and supportive environment for adolescent girls to develop trust, build relationships, and express themselves. Adolescent girls must feel safe and supported to ask questions, engage, and seek help. Creating a safe and supportive environment would require listening to them, valuing their opinions, nurturing their potential, providing feedback, and making space for their interests. This will help them be more confident in seeking help and increase their willingness to learn.

Another way to create a safe and supportive environment is to destigmatize mental health conversations. Let us normalize talking about mental health and make it as common as discussing physical health. This will reduce the shame, guilt, and fear associated with seeking help for mental health issues.

Prioritize Self-Care

Nurturing and prioritizing self-care practices are essential to adolescent girl’s mental health. Adolescence can leave girls feeling vulnerable to different stressors, an overwhelming number of activities, and so on. Practicing self-care allows them to prioritize their needs, reflect, and become more resilient in the face of struggles. 

You can encourage adolescent girls to prioritize their mental and physical health by engaging in meditation, journaling, a healthy diet, proper sleep, and exercise. Practicing self-care can help them feel more motivated and confident and build their resilience.

Normalize The Conversation On Mental Health

Normalize the conversation on mental health and break the stigma around it. Mental health disorders are prevalent, and it is crucial to acknowledge and normalize them. Empowering adolescent girls to speak out and seek help is essential. We need to make it clear that seeking help is a sign of growth and courage, not a sign of weakness. Educators, caregivers, or parents can normalize this conversation by regularly engaging in mental health discussions and creating awareness using online campaigns, workshops, or classes. 

This helps create a sense of community and acceptance of mental health issues. For instance, mental health education can be incorporated into the school curriculum and extra-curricular activities to help adolescent girls better understand and manage their mental well-being. This will empower them and equip them with the necessary skills to support others in need.

Encouraging Creative Expression

Creative expression, such as painting, writing, music, or dancing, has positively affected mental health. Expressive art practices are a healthy outlet, that helps girls deal with their emotions and develop coping mechanisms. Creative activities encourage girls to find their voice and unique style and create their world. These activities develop their confidence, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster resilience. Encouraging them to participate in artistic activities encourages them to positively channel their feelings and emotions.

Encourage Goal-Setting And Growth

Most importantly, encourages adolescent girls to set goals and develop an attitude of growth. This attitude reinforces a sense of purpose, direction, and motivation required by adolescent girls to build their resilience and prioritize mental health. Encouraging girls to set practical, achievable goals, such as daily affirmations, improving communication skills, time management goals, and so on, will give them a sense of accomplishment. This encourages the adolescent girl to grow and foster resilience in facing challenges.


Adolescence is a challenging time for adolescent girls, and developing self-care strategies, normalizing mental health conversations, and taking steps to build resilience can empower them and help them navigate this time effectively. Creating a safe and supportive environment, encouraging creative expression, and setting practical goals provide the foundation for adolescent girl’s mental health and resilience. As caregivers, educators or parents, we can contribute to building resilience in adolescent girls by implementing these strategies and providing them with the necessary support. Adolescent girls who prioritize their mental health and well-being can grow into resilient, self-assured, and empowered adults.