Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Watch

Data Breaches Reveal Importance of Protecting Against Fraud

The recent revelation that the personnel records of federal employees were accessed by international hackers is startling for a number of reasons, and the implications of such a hack extend far beyond the security of those employees. If the federal government is unable to keep its data secure from international hackers, how is it possible … Read more

Real Estate Investors Must Keep Watchful Eye for Fraudulent Behavior

There is a lot of money to be made through real estate investing, as shrewd investment strategies can yield a great return over time. Many investors have enhanced their wealth and achieved financial security through their real estate holdings, but it is important to recognize that any lucrative investment opportunity is also one that may … Read more

Fraud Is Bad

A new study today found that taking people’s money and not giving them what they paid for makes them mad. Other studies suggest that being mad leads to stress which causes numerous health issues such as hair loss, weight loss, increased risk of suicide and acne. Due to recent polls taken at various universities across … Read more