Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Watch

Fraud Is Bad

A new study today found that taking people’s money and not giving them what they paid for makes them mad. Other studies suggest that being mad leads to stress which causes numerous health issues such as hair loss, weight loss, increased risk of suicide and acne. Due to recent polls taken at various universities across the country, 98% of people agree that hair loss, increased risk of suicide and acne are bad things and 78% agree that weight loss is a good thing. A recent study by me says that 98% of 3/4 (which means stress is 73.5% bad) is a bigger number than 78% of 1/4 (which means stress is 19.5% good) meaning stress (and therefore fraud) is 54% bad. This can only lead me to the conclusion that fraud is bad with a 7% margin of error (to account for the fact that the study did not ask people who committed suicide whether it was good or not).