Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Watch


Ian Leaf FraudFraud, when studied and examined and how it has changed from the past to the present, can be understood and old techniques can be used to predict fraud activity of the future. According to Ian Leaf, fraud is never changing too much and it helps to understand technology and what evil purposes technology can be used for in order to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud.

Fraud is dishonesty at the roots as well as selfishness. “The whole point of fraud is to break the system for one’s own gain,” says Ian Leaf fraud expert. Although tricky, it’s easy to believe that with rapidly growing technology and methods for catching fraud, cons wouldn’t have a chance. In a way, that would be correct, however, as technology grows to defeat the efforts of fraud, advancements in technology also create new opportunities. The bottom line is fraud will never go away and that’s why it’s crucially important to stay aware.