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How I Used Investors Underground to Become a Profitable Day Trader

Nathan Michaud of Investors Underground

It was once a rare occurrence for anyone to seek my advice regarding financial matters, particularly when those matters concerned specific investment advice. Lately, however, I have been approached by friends and family members seeking my advice on a far more frequent basis, a change that is surely tied to the success I have had as a day trader working with Investors Underground. While I have been able to offer some practical advice to those seeking it, in most cases I simply advise my friends and family to do precisely what I did: join a trading community composed of the most knowledgeable and successful investors.

Since that particular advice often leads to a discussion of my personal experience with this community of day traders, I have decided it would make a lot of sense to simply post this Investors Underground review and outline the following information regarding my experience:

• My background in finance

• How I got started with Investors Underground

• What strategies I used in expanding my knowledge of day trading

• My assessment of the subscription options and educational courses

• My personal recommendations for newcomers

While this review will focus on my personal experience with the day trading community, I will be sure to include an analysis of the many facets inherent in a subscription with Investors Underground, including a discussion of each of the following:

• Free video lessons

• Daily watch lists

• Day trading chat rooms

• Day trading educational courses

• Video lesson library

Before getting into the various advantages and disadvantages relating to my experience with Investors Underground, I feel it would be helpful to offer some personal background information on my previous experience in finance. This will provide some simple context and may prove beneficial for those hesitating to purchase a monthly or annual subscription with the day trading community.

On My Background in Finance and My Limited Previous Experience in Investing

I used to downplay the fact that I had very little understanding of even the most simple of investing strategies, choosing to nod my head knowingly in an attempt to conceal my total lack of comprehension whenever any finance-related subject was broached. Frankly, I was too embarrassed to ask the questions that would help me develop a deeper understanding of a subject that everyone else just seemed to believe was a matter of common knowledge.

Perhaps I am overstating things a bit, because I did have a basic understanding and was interested in the subject. I just never had access to someone who could walk me through the subject and explain everything I needed to know regarding investment strategies. After talking with an old friend about her day trading success, I resolved to learn more about trading and hoped to achieve at least a modest level of understanding just to be able to discuss the subject further in the future. Fortunately, the first resource I found was a free video lesson made available by Investors Underground, and watching the other available video lessons and reading the articles posted to the site really piqued my interest in pursuing day trading on my own.

Building a Strong Base of Knowledge

This purchase has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made

Even though I felt like I had learned a lot from the free video lessons and the blog posts I had read, I was not quite ready to just jump right in and start day trading on an immediate basis. Instead, I chose to continue my education by enrolling in the “Textbook Trading” educational course offered by Investors Underground. The price gave me pause at first ($597, which was marked down from $997), but the potential return on the investment was such that I felt it could be more than worthwhile.

This purchase has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I cannot even begin to count how many times I have returned to the various sections included in the eight-hour informational resource. As a beginning trader, I was pleased to see that the course covered each of the following subjects with great detail:

• Common trading terms

• Using charts to analyze market behavior and develop investment strategies

• Different kinds of trades and moves (ABCD trades, long trades, OTC trades, red/green moves, etc.)

• How to develop a mastery of early morning trading

• Recommended brokerage services

• Establishing a routine and utilizing other available resources

This course is so dense with information that I nearly filled an entire yellow legal pad with notes while working my way through the first few sections. With the benefit of practical advice and detailed insight regarding just about every aspect of day trading, I felt more than ready to subscribe to Investors Underground and looked forward to my first full day of trading.

Signing Up and Applying My Newly Acquired Skills

There are several different options for subscribers, all of which provide access to the chat rooms populated by thousands of members and moderators who all bring different areas of expertise to the community. Since I was already so impressed with the educational course I had purchased, I had no hesitation in signing up for an annual subscription for the “Elite” program. At a total of $1,897 (equating to a monthly rate of $158), I felt that the Elite subscription represented the best possible value for my personal needs, especially since this option has allowed me to continue to expand my knowledge of day trading by offering access to weekly recap video lessons along with the video lesson library.

My Recommendations to Newcomers

I believe that the course of action I followed would be of similar benefit to those who have little or no previous experience in day trading, and I would recommend new traders to focus on the educational courses and video lessons before trying to apply a trading strategy. Those with previous experience may not achieve the same level of benefit as I did through the educational courses, but I have spoken with a number of longtime subscribers who believe the courses are highly beneficial to even the most experienced day traders. I can only speak to my personal experience, but I nonetheless feel quite confident in recommending Investors Underground to anyone who wishes to pursue the opportunities available through day trading.