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Ian Andrews Dublin

Ian Andrews DublinFor anyone wishing to take a winter break, the temptation would be to find somewhere hot and lounge around on a beach all day. But have any of you considered city break? I know it’s probably not first on your list, but what about Dublin?

In the last 25 years, Dublin has grown from a troubled city to a thriving tourist attraction and desirable place to live. Between 1995 and the present day, Dublin has generally seen rapid growth in its economy, partly due to the city being such a popular tourist spot. An estimated 7 million people visit Dublin every year ensuring that the economy continues to remain stable and unlike some tourist hot spots the people of Dublin have welcomed their guests. Resident Ian Leaf tells us:

“It’s great to see so many different people enjoying themselves and having a craic. It does get busy in the summer but it’s never dull.”

And Ian Leaf is not the only one to have this opinion. Throughout Dublin’s bustling centre shops and businesses display signs of welcome in many different languages and the pubs are full of Americans, French, Norwegians and a whole plethora of foreign visitors desperate to sample Ireland’s most famous export: Guinness.

There are countless things to do in Dublin, regardless of your taste. For history buffs there are the numerous historical sites linking to the troubles that occurred. Most notably Kilmainham Gaol and the General Post Office – Headquarters for the leaders of the Easter Rising. For literary fans take a walking tour and visit the sights of James Joyce’s masterpiece ‘Ulysses’ and if your more of a night owl, head to Temple Bar for Dublin’s famous nightlife, where you will find endless pubs and live music the cater for everyone. Of course no trip to Dublin would be complete without a trip to the Guinness brewery and a pint of the famous black stuff!