Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Watch

Ian Andrews Fraudster Take Care of Scammers

There are many types of phone scams and they hit businesses every day, especially gas stations and convenience stores. Phone scams can often times be traced by the police or if the police want to bring out the serious experts of busting scams and fraud, they call in Ian Andrews Fraudster division.

Ian Andrews Fraudster has successfully traced over 150 phone scams within the past year and you could say that the efforts to place a phone scam have died down. Scammers and fraud schemers have become demotivated to attempt any shady business.

In most cases, the scammer will call claiming to be from the IRS and demand payment of money or the scammer will call pretending that you have been randomly selected and have won a random drawing. If the call is from the IRS, hang up and call the IRS yourself if you belief you could own taxes. If you don’t suspect owing anything, report the incident for tax administration and let Ian Andrews Fraudster take care of the rest.