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Ian Andrews Tax Fraud

Ian Andrews Tax Fraud is here to help. Ian Andrews Tax Fraud can stop tax fraud whether it is intentional or unintentional tax fraud. Most of the time, the person committing tax fraud does not know they are committing tax fraud. And even though it is unintentional it is still considered tax fraud and is punishable by law. Tax fraud is not taking lightly. Tax fraud is mostly done during income tax time. That is when you are suppose to file your tax return for the year from January to April each year. Often times, people do not file or they misrepresent what their taxes should be in order to get more money back in tax returns or so they don’t have to pay money in to the government. Either way the person can get into serious trouble and face a hefty fine along with prison time. Ian Andrews Tax Fraud will keep you out of trouble by ensuring that you file your taxes properly.