Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Watch

Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Exposes Workers Comp Scams

ian-leaf-tax-fraudIan Leaf Tax Fraud works to expose workers comp scams. Workers comp scams have become a large-scale issue due to abuse by employers in an attempt to cut costs and abuse toward employees. The state of the economy has created an environment where everyone is looking for an edge. This is creating problems in the work industry.

Ian Leaf uses modern technology to address, track, and stop this issue in its tracks. Ian Leaf is a professional fraud and scam detective that deals with tax and fraudster work. Therefore he is the perfect candidate to help insurance companies keep a handle on workers comp scams.

Keeping the abuse in the industry to a minimal helps to keep the costs down. This benefits everyone as the cost of fraud will go down the line and end up being absorbed by the average working family. Thanks to Ian Leaf the industry can be at peace knowing there is a system in place to expose those that abuse the system.