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Michael John Mally Reviews Dr. Raouf Farag

In a recent Dr. Raouf Farag review, “Shelly M.” says the following when asked to describe her experience with the good doctor.

I was high risk and had Dr Farag. He was amazing and worth every cent regardless of the long waiting periods ( I learnt to ring up an hour before my appointment to see if they were running late etc) . I honestly believe if I didn’t have him throughout my pregnancy, things would of been missed and my son would not be here today.http://www.drfarag.com.au/

While Shelly explains in great detail about how Australian IVF doctor Raouf Farag helped her, Michael John Mally reviews the type of experience that is seemingly common with the doctor.

Many people in San Diego have explained to me that Dr. Raouf Farag is not only a great doctor but a wonderful man. Throughout my travels I have been to Australia many times and the Central Coast is one of my favorite spots. The people are happy and the scenery is beautiful. I’m definitely stopping in for a visit with Dr. Farag next time I’m is Australia.

Michael J. Mally also shared this picture with us from one of his featured art gallery pieces.