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8 Influencers Shaping the Future of Politics and Business

The world is full of mediocre people. Then, there are people who stand out above the rest. These people stand out for their confidence and ability to move forward. These people influence the world for good and bad because they refuse to back down from their beliefs. Some of these people are only getting started. Here are 8 influencers shaping the future of politics and business.

David Urban

David Urban is a Republican commentator on the famously liberal news channel CNN. He regularly states his conservative point strongly to people who don’t agree with him in front of an audience who also doesn’t agree with him. In a world. where most politicians pander to the people in front of them, he is refreshing. He also helped with President Trump’s campaign in 2016, and he was largely responsible for helping him win the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Currently, David Urban has taken on the role of a lobbyist for Lockheed Martin, a company that focuses on a variety of areas, including defense and renewable energy. They are a highly influential company in today’s political climate, and he will be the one pushing their efforts. He has proven before that he knows how to do this well.

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg impressed adults all over the world as the petite, 16-year-old Swedish activist took the stage at the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Her passion and strong-willed way of speaking captivated audiences everywhere and even earned her the prestigious position of Time’s “Person of the Year” in 2019. In fact, she is the youngest person to ever receive this title. While she faced harsh criticism from adults and even the President of the United States, she never backed down. It’s clear to see that she is only beginning the fight to help change the world for the better, and the world could use more people like this powerful, little woman.

Jeff Bezos

While Jeff Bezos is certainly not a new name in the business, it’s also not one to forget, either. The founder of Amazon has changed the way that people shop online and receive the delivery. As his business grows, he continues to change the way things are done. People love his solutions to modern-day problems, and there’s no sign of Amazon dwindling any time soon, especially around the holidays. We just have to wait and see what new ideas he has up his sleeve.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder of the innovative automobile company Tesla. Teslas are known for being energy-efficient and attractive. He continues to work with developers to discover ways to make the cars even better. Recently, he has come out with a new Tesla Truck. The vehicle looks like something out of a futuristic movie. It’s also relatively affordable for regular families. The more vehicles he comes out with, the more likely we are to see these cars on the road.

Donald Trump

Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump has a large influence in our country and the world. His presidential win against Hillary Clinton will go down in history as well as his impeachment hearings. The results of his policies on immigrants and international trade will be sure to influence policies in the next administration. Some people love his brash, “speak your mind” style, while others find him extremely unprofessional and a liar. No matter how you feel, this president will play a large role in politics in the near future.

Stephen Colbert

The host of “The Late Show” Stephen Colbert is one of the most-watched late-night talk show hosts today. With his reach, he provides his (and his writers) commentary on the political events affecting the nation. While self-admittedly not the best source for receiving the news, he helps lighten the mood in a time when tensions can be quite high. While making us laugh, he continues to speak his mind boldly. He makes fun of just about everybody in politics on both sides of the fence, but none more than Donald Trump. I know I’ll be laughing at some of the jokes I’ve heard for a very long time. I don’t think he’ll stop making us laugh any time soon.

Mark Zuckerberg

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook over a decade ago, he couldn’t have imagined that it would blow up the way it did. Not all of the attention has been great, though. Recently, his influence comes from a wide security breach that affected his social network. For better or worse, his flaws help us pinpoint weak areas in digital security. In a world using more and more technology, this information is crucial. By learning from his mistakes, other companies can learn what they need to do to keep themselves secure.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC, has made quite the splash in Washington since her unprecedented win as a member of the New York Senate. The young Latina woman becomes the youngest person in Senate ever at only 28 years old. She joined forces with other liberal members of Congress to support climate change and fair wages in particular.

Pinpointing the people making a difference in the world can help us put a spotlight on the items that truly matter in the world today. Whether we like or dislike these people, the things they talk about are things we all need to focus on.