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BoldLeads Review – What is BoldLeads?

BoldLeads Review – What is BoldLeads?

[su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]hen I was still a young and inexperienced real estate agent, I was fortunate to have a mentor who taught me the importance of maintaining a constant focus on generating future leads. This lesson has been repeatedly reinforced as a result of my own success in the many years since my mentor first shared this essential information, but observing the struggles of other agents who lost sight of this critical responsibility and therefore endured instability also served to reinforce the lesson I am grateful to have learned so early in my career.

Even though I have long understood the importance of generating leads on a consistent basis, it does not mean that the process has always been an easy one for me. In fact, the opposite is likely true, and I have certainly gone through stages in which it became difficult to manage my time with the kind of efficiency necessary to focus on lead generation along with all of my other professional responsibilities. This is why I had a very open mind when a former colleague recommended BoldLeads.

After over a year using both the BoldLeads Pro and Surge packages, I feel obligated to share some of my insight into the system’s efficacy with regard to lead generation along with the impact it has had on my professional success. In this review, I have tried to be as thorough as possible, adopting an approach that is actually inspired by the thorough manner in which BoldLeads reviews potential leads based on the most relevant information available.

In writing this overview of my personal experience with the company, I have tried to answer each of the following questions — along with several others — with the hope that it will help other real estate agents make an informed decision regarding the company’s services:

  • Who are the founders of BoldLeads?
  • Is the system intuitive and easy to use?
  • How does the system convert leads to listings?
  • How much time and effort will an agent have to devote to generating leads?
  • Is this an exclusive program or will other area agents also be using BoldLeads?
  • What are the costs associated with the system?

Based on my understanding of the system and what I have discussed with other agents using BoldLeads, my experience with the system is not entirely unique and many others have enjoyed similarly positive results. In the interest of brevity, I have identified some of the pros and cons associated with BoldLeads.

[su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#20c400″]The BoldLeads system provides agents with a comprehensive and highly efficient approach to lead-generation that is supported by an intuitive and easy-to-use automated system. The effort required on the part of the agent is therefore limited, and the system establishes a consistent pipeline of leads and then assists in converting those leads into listings.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#e30000″]BoldLeads limits the number of agents using its system based on the zip code or area those agents serve, and this exclusivity means that some agents may not be able to have access to the system.[/su_box]

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Getting to Know the Founders of BoldLeads

ChristineDannyAfter hearing about BoldLeads for the first time, the first question I asked was about the creators of the company and their respective professional backgrounds. As an industry veteran who has used a wide variety of strategies for generating leads, I was a bit wary of working with a company that had not taken the time to properly understand the specific issues real estate agents face in the course of doing business, so I simply wanted to be assured that this was a company whose leadership had tailored its services according to the industry it intended to serve.

As it turns out, both of the founders have a deep understanding of the real estate industry and have practical experience in the field as well. The co-founders, Danny Loschiavo and Christine Loschiavo, seem to have brought complementary skillsets to the table, with Christine having a great deal of personal experience as a real estate agent and Danny having a background in web design and marketing.

In creating BoldLeads, Danny and Christine clearly understood the importance of developing an efficient system that generated leads for real estate agents and also eliminated — or at least streamlined — the tedious nature of follow-up responsibilities. Once I saw that the company’s founders had set out to address and correct everything I disliked about generating leads, I felt so much more at ease in making an investment in the system.

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use System

Every aspect of the system seemed to be designed with clear consideration for ease-of-use, and I had no difficulty understanding how to change my landing page template or how to access the vital information collected by the system. Of course, there is much more to using the system than just customizing the landing page, but I also never had any issue working with any other aspect of the BoldLeads system.

There is a robust system of support in place for those who may be concerned about investing a great deal of time in becoming familiar with the system, which includes webinars and live training classes held on a daily basis. I have taken advantage of these classes and webinars to ensure that I am getting the most out of the system possible, but it is also an excellent way for someone to learn some of the more nuanced aspects of the system or to raise questions regarding the most efficient usage strategies.

Turning Leads Into Listings

Perhaps the most pertinent question real estate agents will have regarding the BoldLeads system relates to the manner in which it generates leads and establishes a continuously replenishing pipeline of leads that can be turned into listings. Assuming that the real estate agent’s area is available, BoldLeads creates a landing page that attracts potential property buyers and sellers and secures a wealth of relevant information. Though other page types can be used based on an agent’s preference, I opted for a site providing home valuation.

With targeted marketing strategies driving traffic to the site, my page was set up to estimate the value of a specific home within my market. Anyone visiting the site would then provide contact information along with anything else relevant to the prospective lead’s future real estate plans. The BoldLeads system then secures and sorts this information while also initiating contact through its automated system, thereby reducing the initial responsibilities of the agent in following up on a potential lead.

The Efficiency of a Highly Automated System

Of all the different aspects going into this system, I felt that the efficiency established through automation was the most beneficial. All of the prospective leads that visit my landing page are contacted through the automated system based on the information they provide, which BoldLeads calls “behavior-based follow up.” Through the use of an automated system, contact is made with a potential lead through text messaging and email, allowing the agent to invest their time and energy in a more efficient manner by focusing on the leads that have expressed some level of interest.

In addition to establishing initial contact through the use of behavior-based follow up, BoldLeads is also able to identify the social media platforms and profiles used by the lead. This allows me to communicate with the lead in the manner that is most convenient for them and to connect with a diverse client base in a wide variety of ways.

The automated system is also capable of generating CMAs and is an effective conversation starter that allows agents to make optimal use of the time they have available. I was impressed by the fact that the system is set up to make it appear as though it was sent by me personally, and I believe that this is a major reason why I have been able to convert more leads into listings through the use of BoldLeads. With efficient automation and managed marketing campaigns already in place, my main focus is on working with my clients, which is clearly where it should be.

Customizable Page Templates

As I mentioned earlier, I chose to use a landing page template that served as a home valuation tool. I have not yet felt the need to try any of the other options offered by BoldLeads since this template has been exceptionally effective in generating leads within my specific market, but there are other options available. In addition to the home valuation tool that I have used over the past year or so, the company also offers a variety of other templates that allow agents to utilize a landing page that is best suited to the needs of their respective markets. With 14 templates in total and the ability to run several templates and pages simultaneously, real estate agents are able to customize the BoldLeads system in a way that ensures consistent results and a continuous pipeline of solid real estate leads.

The Benefits of Exclusivity

From a purely selfish perspective, I am thrilled that I am the only agent in my market able to use BoldLeads. The system has proven to be so valuable for my purposes that I essentially have created a built-in advantage over any other real estate agent working in the zip codes that make up my market. This is because BoldLeads promises exclusivity to agents using this system, allowing just one agent per zip code or area and ensuring that the effectiveness of its lead generation system is not diluted by multiple real estate agents using the system while operating within the same market.

I must admit feeling a bit conflicted by this practice, as it is something that is clearly beneficial to me but could also be of benefit to others in my market. I understand the other real estate agents are competing for the same leads and any leads they secure are leads that I do not, but the system has been so helpful to me that I simply wish others in my market could benefit in a similar fashion. Of course, it makes perfect sense that BoldLeads does this, as they ought to have a vested interest in maintaining the quality and value of the service it provides to real estate agents.

Varied Pricing Options and Marketing Plans

BoldLeads offers two different packages for lead generation: Pro and Surge. When I first started out with BoldLeads, I opted for the six-month Pro package and chose to pre-pay for the service in order to receive a fairly substantial discount. I paid $180 per month for six months of the Pro package and started out with a relatively small marketing budget with the hope that I could get a sense of the potential return on investment before making any additional investment. I had several leads come through within 48 hours despite my limited budget and was able to convert one of those initial leads into a listing that eventually sold for over $500,000.

After six months using BoldLeads, I had generated close to 300 leads and had listings worth well over $2 million come directly through the system. Obviously, it only made sense to upgrade to the Surge package after those first six months, and I have since enjoyed an even greater level of success due to the added features included in this package. I opted for a 12-month pre-pay plan at $367 per month, which is reduced from the standard package rate of $399 per month.

Since switching to the Surge package, I have seen my results improve at an exponential rate and can only imagine what the future will bring now that I have such a tremendous professional advantage. If it is not already clear, I absolutely recommend BoldLeads to any real estate agent working in a market in which it is currently available. While I considered my real estate career a success before I began using BoldLeads, this system has completely altered the way I define success and has inspired me to set professional goals I had never thought possible.

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For more information you can visit their Twitter or Linkedin pages.