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Ian Andrews Home is Changing Home Security

It’s not exactly a new technology, but it is still improving and becoming more impressive. That something is home security. Some home security systems have made it so convenient that you can check on your home with your phone and even set the alarm and lock the door all from your mobile device.

Ian Andrews Home is a new brand of home security with big expectations to beat out the big kids on block with ADT being the ring leader. “Many security systems ask too much from our personal privacy,” says CEO of Ian Andrews Home. “We grant this technology to control our entire house. What if that is hacked or turned against you? Too much convenience isn’t such a good thing.”

Many of the reviews are in total agreeance with the Ian Andrews Home CEO and say as long as it alerts them when the door is opened, they don’t need their privacy taken away. “My systems alert you. That’s all they are supposed to do.”