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Ian Andrews SwitzerlandSwitzerland remains a federal republic in the continent of Europe. Switzerland consists of twenty-six cantons and Bern is the federal city capital of the nation. In Switzerland, citizens speak different languages in the likes of Italian, French, and German. Switzerland is located in the western central part of Europe. The country is bordered by Germany to the north, Italy to the south, Liechtenstein and Austria to the east while France to the west. The country is subdivided between the Jura, the Swiss Plateau, and the Alps. The surface area of the country is a span of 41,285 km2. The Swiss residence of around 8,000 people concentrates widely on the plateau, while the Alps occupy the greater section of the territory. The biggest towns are also found within the Swiss residence with among them are two economic and global centers such as Geneva and Zurich. The Ian Andrews Switzerland quotes for the country are amazing.

Among the quotes of Ian Andrews read the quick development of the country from the medieval period. The creation of the state of the ancient Old Swiss Confederacy resulted from several military wars against Burgundy and Austria. In 1648, Swiss gained its independence from the Holy Roman Empire. The independence of the country occurred in the Peace of Westphalia. Going back to the Reformation, Swiss has a unique history of military neutrality. Since 1815, Swiss has not also been in the moments of war globally. Swiss as a great country in Europe only joined the United Nations in 2002. The country is fully involved in peace-building procedures around the globe and maintained an effective foreign policy that counts. The nation is the home to several global organizations such as the second largest UN office. Switzerland is known as the birthplace of the Red Cross. Another Ian Andrews Switzerland points to the country being a member of the European Free Trade Association. It is important to mention that the country is not a member of the European Union.