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Jeff English NYC Shares 6 Smart Things Graphic Designers Can Do With Their Stimulus Checks

Graphic designers have an amazing talent that allows them to use their skills and creative designs and ideas to help market and enhance a brand. They have the ability to take an everyday object or logo and turn it into a work of art. Graphic designers work with both small and large companies to design posters, logos, billboards, magazines, and a wide range of other advertisements. Many graphic designers say that they have the ability for upward mobility, but this takes luck, determination, and necessary tools. If you are just starting out as a graphic designer or looking to improve the tools and equipment that you have your stimulus check may be the perfect investment you need. Here are the top smart things that a graphic designer can do with their stimulus check.

#1) New Computer

One of the best investments that a graphic designer can make is in the tools and equipment that they use every day. Graphic designers, like Jeff English NYC, spend a large amount of their time on computers. Their computer allows them to use the different software programs that they need to accomplish their work and make it look professional. The two best computers that graphic designers typically use include the iMac Pro or Surface Studio. These two computers have all the design features that every great graphic designer uses. If you do not have a great computer this could be the perfect time to invest in one.

#2) Graphics Tablet

While it would be nice if everyone could get all of their work done in one place this is hardly the case. With over 290,000 graphic designers working today it is crucial that all graphic designers set themselves apart from others so that they can get the best work.

One of the best ways to secure work is to always be available. The best tool to ensure that you are always ready to design, answer emails, and jot down your great ideas is to use a graphics tablet. A graphics tablet includes many of the functions that graphic designers use each day. They are convenient, easy to use, and can be taken anywhere. If you do not have a tablet you should highly consider purchasing one with your check.

#3) Camera

Every great graphic designer, like Jeff English NYC, needs a camera to take pictures. This job cannot be completed without a camera. You will always need a handy and professional camera to take high-quality photographs that you can then edit and change to meet your exact needs. If you are looking to advance your career and get more high dollar projects you will need all the tools that the professionals have. Investing in a high-quality camera is ideal to take and manage a variety of professional photographs and videos for your clients.

#4) Storage

One thing that every graphic designer needs are more storage to hold all of their current and past projects. Every designer needs to have a portfolio saved somewhere that they can continually add to. You need to ensure that your work is never deleted or misplaced so it is crucial that you have enough storage to keep your work organized and safe. Investing in storage is crucial because you will always have more work coming in. Choosing not to invest in storage is choosing not to invest in your work.

#5) Pantone Matching System

If you are a graphic designer you know how important color is. The standard for measuring color is the Pantone matching system. This system allows all graphic designers to ensure that the colors they want to use are recognized all over the industry. It helps set professionals apart from novices. Every great graphic designer needs to have this matching system in their home so that they can use the exact colors they want.

The graphic design industry is changing as more and more companies start to realize the influence that it has over consumers. As the world of graphic design changes, the quality and ideas of designers are constantly being tested. It is important for each designer to have the best tools at their fingertips. If you do not already have this system in your home it is essential that you should consider purchasing.

#6) Software

Another great investment that any graphic designer should make with their stimulus check is to invest in the new and most current versions of graphic design software. Each year a new updated version of the most popular software hits the market. To ensure that you have the best tools at your fingertips you should constantly be investing in your work and upgrading your software to ensure that you can meet your client’s needs. You can invest in new programs that you have never used before and take the time to master these programs to improve your work and advance your career