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Rusty Tweed Starts Up The Rusty Tweed Giving Scholarship

There are those who give and there are those who take. Those who give will continue to receive because the act of giving requires something to give. This is the methodology behind scholarships and grants and why millions of students across the country get to attend a four-year college or university. Without the foundations, people, and institutions that create these types of scholarships the students attending colleges would be much lower. That is why in this article we will be discussing how a philanthropist, Rusty Tweed, created the Giving Scholarship.

Rusty Starts Up The Tweed Giving Scholarship

Mr. Tweed is an expert in finance and economics but also has a heart for philanthropy and giving back. Because he understands the financial world better than most he also understand what it does to students who are trying to get a higher education. Giving allows Rusty to feel a sense of connection to the community where he got a start. Rusty Tweed has also made foundations to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses so he has experience with seeing what a bit of financial help can do for an individual.

During his early years, Rusty saw bright people throw away their professional careers because of drugs and because they couldn’t pay their tuition for college. He believes that people are also dropping out because of their inability to pay tuition or because they don’t want to be stuck with a loan and interest in the future. For these and other reasons, Mr. Tweed created the Rusty Tweed Drug-Free Scholarship which is now open for the second consecutive year.

The scholarship is available for seniors in high school who have already received a letter of acceptance into a college. If a student is currently enrolled in a college or university they are also eligible to receive this scholarship. In order to apply to the scholarship and view the actual prompt and steps to submit the student must visit the website provided by Mr. Tweed and sign into the portal. The prompt of the essay will revolve around living a drug-free life and becoming a responsible professional in the chosen field of study.

The deadline for this scholarship is on April 30th of 2019 so students have time to think about their responses and submit the prompt.

What creative ways can you come up with to promote drug-free living?

Once all of the applications are submitted by the deadline, the scholarship committee will select a winner who will then be contacted in the month of May. The winner will have two weeks to respond in order to proceed with notifying the school and depositing the funds. To ensure that the money is not spent prior to the student attending college, the funds will be submitted to the college or university’s financial aid department who will then administer the funds to the student.

All that a student needs to do is meet the two requirements of being a high school senior or current college student, and writing a five hundred word essay on how to promote drug-free living. The essay, along with the student’s information is to be submitted to this website.


In conclusion, in this article, we discussed the Tweed Drug-Free Scholarship available to high school seniors and current college students. A thousand dollars can go very far in a tight budget situation and so the students should try their best when answering the prompt. Mr. Tweed created the scholarship program to give back to the community and wants to help students avoid the financial stresses that so many other students go through.