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Sam Ovens Business Interview

Sam Ovens has carefully built himself one client at a time into a leader in consultation for starting and growing consultancy businesses. He has used self-developed innovations and techniques to delve into the gray areas of an industry and returned with an exact science for forecasting. Today, his methods are applied by top consultants everywhere. For many companies that need to reevaluate how to keep and pull in customers and clients, Ovens’s number is on speed dial.

This is pretty impressive considering not too long ago Owens was working out of his parents’s garage. He moved to New York and, within four years, was a multimillionaire. Many of his strategies and tactics are being used in online training programs. Currently, these programs are highly regarded in the consulting industry, using a library of case studies.

Among other highlights in Ovens’s career:

  • After moving to Manhattan, Ovens took in over $10,000,000.
  • Ovens’s training has been the driving force behind nine newly minted millionaire consultants.
  • His training is directly responsible for creating 136 six figure consultants.
  • He has been instrumental in thousands worldwide quitting their jobs to start consulting businesses and discovering financial independence.

Ovens’s approach to predicting and forecasting has turned the field of consultancy into a tailspin. While extremely successful, Ovens’s views, philosophy and methods completely contradict standard practices in the consulting world. Now that he’s fulfilled more personal wealth than he could imagine, Ovens wants to show anyone willing to listen how to reevaluate their lives in terms of freedom and income. Ovens’s training will draw a simple to follow map for creating a path to financial independence through a self-built consultancy business.

The basic tenets of Ovens’s success and what he wants us to know is:

  • What any business desires most is retaining and drawing in new customers.
  • The conventional methods used to do this are antiquated and not taking into account the unique and powerful venue that is the Internet.
  • The average business owner may be savvy but has no idea how to use the Internet to their advantage.

The path to success has been an adventure for Ovens. He quit a good corporate job in 2012 believing he had greater purpose. He moved to New Zealand and started his consultancy business out of his parents’s garage. Now, he wants everyone to learn how he turned that humbling beginning into an eight figure fortune.