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Small Business Insurance: What Types Do You Really Need?

small business insurance

Must-Have Small Business Insurance Policies You’re doing everything you can to keep your small business up and running. You’ve made sacrifices, worked long hours, and pushed through the tough times. But have you taken the time to really understand the insurance your business needs? It’s not the most exciting part of being an entrepreneur, but … Read more

Innovation 101: Unlocking the Power of Creative Thinking in Business

Innovation is a buzzword thrown around, especially in the business world. But what does being innovative mean, and why is it essential in today’s rapidly changing economy? At its core, innovation is about embracing creativity and exploring new ideas to push your business forward. Industry expert Fabio Lanzieri will explore the basics of innovation and … Read more

Dennis Crimmins, Alamogordo Resident, Discusses The Importance Of Expense Reports On Development Projects

Expense reports are one of the most pivotal reports for any development project. The reports are guidelines for how a project progresses and can be used to determine budget-related decisions. Developers like Dennis Crimmins, Alamogordo resident, advocate that all building projects follow expense reporting standards to ensure a project stays on track. What Is An … Read more

How to Deduct Business Expenses

Business expenses are a topic that many people have questions about, and it is important to know the difference between business expenses versus personal tax write-offs. Businesses can deduct their operating costs from revenue before paying taxes on them. This means you get money back from your government for things like office supplies, tuition for … Read more

Sam Ovens Business Interview

Sam Ovens has carefully built himself one client at a time into a leader in consultation for starting and growing consultancy businesses. He has used self-developed innovations and techniques to delve into the gray areas of an industry and returned with an exact science for forecasting. Today, his methods are applied by top consultants everywhere. … Read more

Marlon Kobacker Hopes To Change The Way The World Uses Energy

Business continues to grow all over the world in thousands of multiple industries. Infact, there are so many businesses being thought of along with products and services being invented, it’s difficult to keep track of which ones are legit and which ones are scams and acts of fraud. One particular industry that is gaining momentum … Read more

Randi Glazer Reviews Political Power Wielded by Businesses and Corporations | Business News, Reviews and Interviews

Throughout the United States, it is becoming increasingly clear that no amount of public outcry can come close to matching the power and the efficacy of the strategies employed by large corporations regarding potentially divisive legislation proposed by lawmakers. According to Randi Glazer, there are clear benefits relating to this fact, but as an insurance … Read more