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David R. Gray Jr. Tax Lien Advice

Great advice from an expert. If you’re looking into tax lien sales, take note of the section I bolded. Let that be an eye opening statement from David R. Gray Jr., be careful what you’re looking at buying!

A tax lien can be a good investment and can be a bad investment. Each lien is unique so the investor really needs to perform its due diligence prior to the sale. It really is buyer beware so if the property sold does not have value over the taxes and the owner doesn’t redeem, the investor may fail to see any return. Each year a number of essentially worthless properties get sold at tax sales to unprepared investors. There are also numerous steps you have to take at certain times, failure to follow the steps perfectly can spell disaster for the investor. There is also ongoing operating and servicing costs. A tax lien is not a liquid investment either so you have to be prepared to wait the process out and have the capital to service the liens.

Source: David R Gray Jr – Product and Service Reviews from Dave!