Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Watch


Fraud, when studied and examined and how it has changed from the past to the present, can be understood and old techniques can be used to predict fraud activity of the future. According to Ian Leaf, fraud is never changing too much and it helps to understand technology and what evil purposes technology can be … Read more

The Hospital Group Explores the Medical Consequences of Being Victimized by Fraud

In one of the most obvious circumstances in which things seem to continuously go from bad to worse, victims of fraudulent behavior must often deal with untold consequences stemming from something well beyond their control. Fraud takes many forms, but it most often involves a scheme in which victims are most acutely affected from a … Read more

Extensive Tax Fraud Could Have Been Committed Through Varied Methods

The recent revelation that a massive crime syndicate defrauded the IRS of significant funds by using stolen information to file fraudulent tax returns is surprising for a number of reasons. According to Ian Leaf, tax officials at the IRS were deceived by professional criminals who operated via a significant network that gathered the information of … Read more

George Soros’ Investment in Voting Rights Meets Resistance From Those Concerned With Election Fraud

In what has now become a years-long political battle, advocates for the rights of voters are continuing to butt heads with advocates for the prevention of election fraud. According the Ian Leaf, funding for the advocates of the rights of voters is coming from George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist. In what has been … Read more

Consequences Can Be Serious for All Parties in Bank Fraud Cases

It should be quite clear that there are dire consequences for those who commit acts of fraud, as the criminal and civil penalties for these fraudulent behaviors are quite severe. While most are aware that those who engage in these acts will face stiff penalties once exposed, many do not realize the damaging effects on … Read more