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How Blockchain Technology Can Help B2B Companies Become More Profitable

Mark Polelle

Until now, the technology industry has made its money based on a series of advances that have made data easier to copy. The world wide web, electronic books, video games, movies, and television have all seen considerable growth into new markets because networks have reduced the cost of transmitting and copying data from one place … Read more

Jared Londry on the Commercial Properties Held by the Wealthiest Worldwide Investors

As a commercial real estate broker who has represented sellers in some of the most valuable recent property transactions in Charlotte and indeed throughout the Carolinas, Jared Londry is uniquely qualified to discuss the impact of foreign investment on the real estate industry as a whole. Foreign investors from countries all over the world hold … Read more

Real Estate Investors Must Keep Watchful Eye for Fraudulent Behavior

There is a lot of money to be made through real estate investing, as shrewd investment strategies can yield a great return over time. Many investors have enhanced their wealth and achieved financial security through their real estate holdings, but it is important to recognize that any lucrative investment opportunity is also one that may … Read more